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height: 170 cm
weight: 300 pounds
pimples: 2481793


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by !rock

Monday, May 17, 2010

i will jiayou de. :)


Saturday, April 24, 2010

i really dont thk i can be friends with a liar. i cant tk it. not exactly a liar. just always full of lame excuses. finding all sorts of ways to explain what why how it happened. all defence but no remorse reflect and obviously, no apology. seriously, i hope im wrong abt you. oh yah. you must be pretty selfcentred. and i know youre definitely selfsufficient. whatever, you cheapo ingrate.


Friday, April 23, 2010

it was a horrible night. maybe i ate too much hello panda. i cldnt breath properly and i cldnt slp at all. sigh.

good for you. a new love interest huh. oh well.


suddenly feel slpy. i guess thats another excuse for me to not study tonight. oh well. thx for messing up my life.

Bounty Hunter was not bad. milo was rather sweet. le sigh.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

i cant believe what just happened in the bus. and i thought i wldnt need to let it out. oh well. maybe i shld go to bali after all...


走路回家 回像山洞的窝
突然渴望有人 能来接我
最后的简讯 看到能背了
多久没有再联络 一想还是痛

朋友的爱 成分就是不同
最难过 是笑著面对被羡慕自由
练很久的成熟 也快遮掩不住 寂寞

喜欢装没事 其实最累了
但我清楚很多事 哭了也没用

那种拥抱 能够忘了所有
两个人 就算下雪后赤脚逆著风
也不觉得冰冻 还笑得比阳光 炽热

能够体会 我倔强又脆弱
不记仇 温柔原谅我情绪太波动
用泪光舍不得 融化我累积的 寂寞

很固执 无条件爱我从来没变过
在大吵的时候 会抱著我 沉默 不动


with BY2's ai shang ni on repeat mode plus the billion failed attempts to get jay's concert tickets is fucking depressing.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

i always wonder why cant i stand up as quickly as the others. its not as sad, but still sad, to see you running without even feeling a thing. no hard feelings. im just saying...


the weather today is so shiok. dad is gg jakarta and this means he wont be home. i like it.

it was a dreamy night. which is hateful. the tpy macs scene kept replaying in my head. i wanna recall more but... i cant. if only someone cld help. just kidding. i dont need help.


Monday, April 19, 2010

i was stuffing myself silly with the char kuay teow. just thking abt it makes me wanna puke.

more strength and will pls? i need to pull thru this. i cant wait for a year or two to move on fully. my exams are in may. sigh.


am i crazy or what?
SHE - $171
Jay - $141
Mika - $???

all in a month. sigh. maths is horrible. macs too.


ive been getting into minor accidents. i hit my head the other day. i hit my toe this morn. and i just cut my finger today. hai. i used to be quite pleased that my legs do not have scars or anything but ive been getting bitten by insects recently and i have like 6 huge blister scars.

macs radio is damn loud. i have no choice but to listen to my emo momo mp3s. i thk i wanna eat instant noodles tonight. ive been eating fastfood every other day. i ate twice on sat! :(


Sunday, April 18, 2010

什么 都不要懂 只想 继续做梦
害怕 醒来以后 握不住你的手
是谁 太不成熟 没体谅彼此感受

我不停寻找着理由 解释分手
心好空 像没温度的 气球
我的灵魂困在回忆中 动也不能动
爱上你 不需要理由 你到底懂不懂
可是怀念 竟比失去 还要更难受
噢~爱让我 想起你的时候 泪禁不
可惜 你永远 都不会懂
放心 我还会 好好的过


the SHE concert was really awesome max! i was really extremely glad i went thou i know the ticket cost a bomb. but i didnt regret and i hope i wont be regretting later. im gonna cut down on eating out when i start work! its quite hard cus eating out = meeting friends. oh well. i'll try! :)

my tears welled up many times during the concert. haha it sounds so silly to you but seriously, i was touched. by their singing. by their performance. by their diligence. by their lyrics and by the bond they share.

i felt v proud that i cld sing along to almost all songs and haha. i stood all the way! im so thankful that i managed to get tickets on event day and i didnt mention that i was sitting at row 8?!? hehe. my view was superb max. i cld see their pores lor. i swear they are damn pretty!

now that ive gotten such an exp stress-reliever, i need to focus on my studies and not be distracted anymore. i pray for a clear mind. actually, i wld rather want a clear situation. a clarification. this is such a mess. and you know me... i hate to get no answers. sometimes, i feel like calling you an asshole/ fucker, and hang up on you.

oh. i wanna thank zhen and wh for their help and company! hehe. without them, this wldnt have been a success! :)

zhen knew i wld regret if i had missed it so she kept encouraging me to go. its true. i guess i'll nv wanna miss any of their future concerts. and i wanna attend it with siewchun! even thou, er. someone else flashed across my mind but yea. that person no longer exists in my life.

i shall post a photo of happy me that liz took aft zhen called to say she managed to buy my tics! hehe. liz said i haven looked so happy in a while. ever since this year...


Thursday, April 15, 2010

kent is super sweet. when i saw his reply, i cried. i know it sounds kinda ridiculous but seriously, i was really touched. im extremely thankful that i have friends like him & neo & char & shar & van & tg. i know no matter what happens, they will always be here for me.

i nv thought i wld feel so alone... its so scary. i dont want the same feeling i had 4 years back. and the same thoughts i had in the past, are back to haunt me again... the thought of watching a movie alone. the thought of going hols alone. the thought of hanging out at the beach alone.

so ironic. i feel alone and yet, i also want to be. im not in the mood to talk to anyone at all actually. which is gd... gd for my revision...

sigh. if praying helps, im gonna pray every night. i just did. last night. i prayed that i will be healed soon and that He will forgive me for things i shldnt have done and said. i will try my best to lead a better life, for myself. i will forgive, forget and move on with... grace.


Monday, March 22, 2010

sigh. shldnt i do what i preach?

so it took me quite a bit of courage and as usual, i got nth back in return.


Sunday, February 07, 2010

hehe. finally can blog from my iphone!

sigh. i feel so tired tonight... but no! no more procrastination, pat! lets get your ass moving and clean the room! er, even though its 12.45am now. boo.